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Advantages of using vacuum packing bags when moving – 

Do you have a lot of clothes that need to be packed and moved? If zip moving_bags

so, using vacuum bags could prove to be an excellent and efficient 

option when packing your wardrobe. What is a vacuum bag you 

ask? This is a simple yet affective thick plastic bag that you 

remove the air from to eliminate any additional space that it may 

take up.Advantages of using vacuum bags during your local move 

can be many things, including but not limited to, organization, 

space saving, keeping clothes folded and neat, easy access to 

clothes, identifying which clothes are in what bags. If you pack 

your clothes in boxes, you do not have any of these advantages. 

You will not be able to identify which items are where, boxes take 

up more space, and clothes get shuffled around and become 

unfolded. Another advantage of the vacuum bags is that they are 

waterproof, keeping your clothes dry and unmolded. 

Although, these vacuum bags are an excellent moving tool, not all 

moving companies will move these. They require that all items be 

in boxes, however you may want to pack your vacuum bags, 

remove the air, seal the bag and then place it in a box. You will 

then be able to fit triple the amount of clothes in one box if you 

place them in vacuum bags first. 

Using vacuum bags may not be for every move or every 

individual but they can be very effective and efficient.