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ABC Moorpark Movers

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Contact Us


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Monday thru Friday: 8 AM – 7 PM

Saturday: 8 AM – 6 PM

Sunday:   9 AM – 5 PM

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Packing Services

ABC Moorpark Movers has many years of experience in the moving industry. We specialize in local and long distance moves to commercial and residential customers.


We consider packing, prepping and crating services the most important in the moving industry. Properly prepared shipment has a much better chance of successful relocation.

Our packers are experienced and highly trained professionals. They can properly pack or crate items of any size, weight, and material its made of:

  • Glass furniture,
  • Mirrors,
  • Crystal,
  • China,
  • Musical instruments,
  • Appliances,
  • Large/commercial size printers,
  • Electronics, Big screen TVs, etc.
  • Antiques,
  • Collectible items,
  • Art effects.


There are other items that don't require as much experience packing them as following items:

  • books,
  • office files,
  • linens, pillows,
  • toys, card board games,
  • clothes,
  • plastic items,
  • small size wooden or soft furniture,
  • tools,
  • garden equipment, etc.

Special Offers. Click Here, or Call Now.

Our specialists are trained to inventory (FAQ.12) customers valuables (items of extra value have a separate inventory sheet and require special handling by professionals ONLY), as well as all other items included in the relocation. The detailed inventory is used to determine the right team of packers, proper materials and the cost of the services.

Our estimator and the customer work together to develop a plan of action. Our estimator will work with customers budget to determine which of those services will be done by the company and which by the customer. The time limitations and the cost of services will play a roll in the final decision.

Packing and unpacking services are available to our customers.

Packing services are charged by the amount of time, number of packers involved and the cost of materials used to pack and protect valuable items. Call us now and our specialist will provide you with the quick and accurate quote!

Type of Residence





2 – 4

1 Bedroom Apartment


3 -  5

2 Bedroom Apt. \ House


4  - 7

3 Bedroom Apt. \ House


5 -  8

4 Bedroom House


6 -  9

5 Bedroom House


7 - 10


5 +

9 +










If you feel comfortable and want to pack boxes yourself, make sure to:

  • Be as careful as you can;
  • Pack one room at a time, labeling each box with a description of its contents and rooms they belong to. 
  • Keep the weight of your boxes light. Place heavy items in small boxes to make them easier to carry.
  • Avoid taping directly to polished or painted wood finishes - removing the tape could damage the surface.
  • Place fragile items in special boxes (double carton) and add plenty of cushioning.


Packing Materials

 Boxes file-box_15_12_10

FILE (BANKER) MOVING BOXES - 1.5 cubic feet,

   size range of (15" x 12" x 10").

    Great for packing files

SMALL MOVING BOXES - 1.5 cubic feet,

   Size range of (15"x 12"x 9").

   For packing books, collectibles and small/light manufactured items.

MEDIUM MOVING BOXES - 3.0 cubic feet,

   Size range of (18"x 15"x 12").

   For packing larger books, files, collectibles, almost all non-breakable kitchenware.  (Do not over pack).

LARGE MOVING BOXES - 4.5 cubic feet,

   Size range (24"x 16"x 17").

    For shipping, storing linens, pillows, collectibles, larger plastic dishes, metal serving platters, plants, and lamps.


EXTRA LARGE MOVING BOXES - 5.2 cubic feet,

   Size range (24"x 24"x 16").

   For shipping, storing larger household items such as comforters, blankets, clothes, lamps, pillows and any large but lighter items - Be careful to keep the weight manageable. Do not over pack…


Flat Screen TV Boxes:


TV Moving Box Up to 70"

TV Boxes Heavy-duty 72"x8"x42"                                                                                                                        

Do wall box perfect for packing any flat screen TV between 56" and 70".

Includes 6 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your Television. Wrap your TV in 65' large bubble wrap before packing.

TV Moving Box Up to 55"

TV Boxes Heavy-duty 56"x8"x42" 

boxes-70 TV_box                                                                                                                          

Double wall box perfect for packing any flat screen TV between 30" and 55".

Includes 4 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your Television. Wrap your TV in 65' large bubble wrap before packing. 

TV Moving Box Up to 29"

TV Boxes Heavy-duty 30"x8"x22"                                                                                                                           

Double wall box perfect for packing any flat screen TV 15" to 29".  

Includes 2 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your monitor. Wrap your TV in 65' large bubble wrap before packing.

 box packing

DISH PACK BOX - 6.2 cubic feet,

    Size range (24" x 18" x 24").

   For shipping fragile articles: china, glasses, dishes, bottles, etc.

    Double Strength Carton. Specifically made for transportation of fragile, expansive articles.

MIRROR/PICTURE BOX - Large picture box,

    4 Boxes per pack - (40" x 60" x 4") (uboxes.com has no afflictions with our company, we used it just as an example of one

    online  provider).
    Excellent box for protection of wall art, mirrors and pictures.

LAMP BOXES - Tall and short

    3 Sets of Boxes a small and a larger one - (12" x 12" x 60")

wardrobe demo Lamp needs to be disassembled and top and bottom packed separately.

WARDROBE BOX - 11.00 cubic feet,

    5 Boxes Per Bundle - (20" x 20" x 48").

    Double Strength Carton. Can be used over and over again - Great for storing winter & summer clothes too! Our Heavy Duty    Boxes ensure your clothes won't sag before you do on your next move. Each Wardrobe Box comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar.

 Wooden Crating

WOODEN CRATES - made for specific articles, our estimators will take measurements and crate will be assembled in a short amount of time.

PACKING TAPE - clear tape,

pack kit_1.4_clam_tape_400_2

6 roll bundle - Provides 650 yards of tape.

Seals about 100 medium boxes. Very strong and durable product.

pack kit_1.2_bubble


    Roll - (12" wide x 100')

    Excellent for moving and protecting glass and other fragile articles: electronics, expansive china, glass furniture, antiques, etc.

pack stretch-20


    Roll - (18"x 1000' long).

    Protects against scratches, dirt, dust, and holds items tight, keeps the integrity of the construction if properly wrapped. Excellent for sofas, tables, dressers, file cabinets and a lot more.


    Bundle - (30 lbs of 24"x 36") ink-less paper roll.

pack kit_1.3_paper

    Great for protection of fragile items and filling in empty space when your packing boxes.


    Great protection from dirt, scratches, dust, and stains.


    Available for any size mattress or box spring and possibly other large items. It comes sealed on three sides - seal the top with tape.

King Mattress Cover - (78" x 8" x 90"),

Queen Mattress Cover - (60" x 8" x 90"),

Full-Size Mattress Cover - (54" x 8" x 90").

 Packing FurniturePads_Paper

FURNITURE PAPER PADS (set of 48 Pads) - (48" x 72").

Triple Layer - Full size 48" x 72". Protect your furniture, framed pictures, lamps, small appliances from dust, dirt and light scratches


SUPREME BLANKETS (80LBS/DOZ) - (72" x 80")

Packing FurniturePads_BLANKET_LGSize: 72" x 80" 

Color: Blue/Lt, Blue, Woven

Blanket Weight: 6.67 lbs.

Dozen Weight: 80 lbs.

This high-quality and efficient moving blanket is made of heavy-duty fabric. It will help ensure that all customer expansive belongings are covered and protected during relocation.



Wooden Crates for expansive artwork must be specially ordered from companies that specialize in crating business. We work with a few of them.

Here is example of their work.

2 Japanese Vases valued over $500,000 were crated in these crates for international transport.

Crating artwork_159a_JapaneseVases Crating JapaneseVases
Crate antique_Furniture Crate Frame_Artwork
Antique Chair crated in wooden crate Painting and Frame crated in wooden crate

 To order wooden crates specially made for you call us at least a few weeks prior to your move day - the sooner the more time we have to prepare.