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FAQs (2 pages)


Hand Dolly’s and Four Wheel Dolly’s

Hand Dolly - 
hand dolly

Hand dolly’s are the most commonly used piece of equipment used 
during your move. This piece of equipment is an L-shaped hand 
cart. There are handles on one end and wheels at the base, with a 
small flat ledge to stack boxes on. Boxes are the most commonly 
moved items with the hand dolly. Begin by creating a small stack 
of boxes, with the heaviest box on the bottom for stability 
purposes. Stack three or four boxes high, depending on the size of 
the boxes and weight of them. Slide the ledge under the stack of 
boxes, holding the stack with one hand and the dolly with the 
other, slowly tip back the dolly. This will bring the boxes to rest on 
the bars of the dolly and evenly distributing the weight of the load 
above the tires of the dolly. This piece of equipment will make 
moving your boxes easier and more efficient.  
Some hand trucks are equipped with stair climber wheels. These 
wheels are designed simply to go up and down stairs with ease, 
making your move easier on you and your helpers. 

Four Wheel Dolly – 

A four wheel dolly which can also be known as a furniture dolly is 
an excellent tool used to move dressers, upright pianos, armoires, 
4wheel dolly
etc. This tool also makes it easy to move items in tight spaces.  A 
four wheeled dolly should have padded edges before use; this is to 
prevent damages to the bottom of the items being moved. Having 
a tool that has 1,000 pound capacity is extremely helpful in moving 
your large furniture items. A four wheel dolly cannot be used on 
the stairs; however it works great for moving things in an elevator. 
You will need assistance in lifting the heavy items and carefully and 
placing them evenly on the four wheel dolly. Placing them evenly is 
very important in assuring that it does not tip or slide once the item is placed on the dolly. 

Remember move smart, not hard !