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FAQs (2 pages)

A "Good Mover"


ABC Moorpark Movers have been in transportation business for over two decades. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of employees, some of which were very knowledgeable and experienced, however experience alone doesn't make one a "good mover". In our opinion a good mover is a person that meets the following criteria, which has been determined by our management over the years.


Obviously, a "good mover" is experienced and has intricate knowledge of working with any possible piece of household item, large and small appliances, electronics and musical instruments, such as organs and upright, grand and concert pianos.

He must have and must know how to use all available moving equipment and tools.

He must be able to disassemble and reassemble beds, desks, pool tables, grandfather clocks (white glove service), antique furniture, chandeliers, exercise equipment, water and sleep-master beds, armoires, entertainment centers, playground equipment (4 to 6 post swing set and wooden set with forts and slides), wall unit and other furniture.

Know how to disconnect and reconnect large appliances and electronics, keeping the wires numbered and easy to find at destination.

Must protect furniture with proper materials, crate bulky and heavy pieces.

Must be comfortable maneuvering large and bulky items in tight spots, such as narrow corridors and staircases.

Must be able to hoist articles that are too large to fit through doorway.

Must protect household goods and the premises he is working at, walls, floors, doorways, stairs, banisters.


Mover's appearance speaks of his personality, organization skills and self confidence. Their truck, equipment and tools are in order and the truck is immaculately clean and orgonized. Movers with poor appearance are more often less organized, have low self respect and do not care for their employment and job tasks.

A "good movers" has a pleasant appearance and friendly personality. Our customers spend a lot for professional moving, they deserve to be treated with respect and highest level of customer service. Moving is generally a very stressful time, a "good mover" must have customer at ease and accommodate their moving needs with a smile. Explaining to customer the process of taking care of their belongings is for their benefit, it reassures that everything will get done in promised time frame with no damages. Movers should never smoke in front of the customer, even if the customer is smoking.


Everyone is judged by the appearance and punctuality. Being on time is a matter of respect. A "good mover" if running late due to circumstances outside of his control will not have the customer wait and wonder, but will call the customer ahead of time, will apologize, provide a new time frame for arrival and explain the reason.


Mover must have a clean driving record, be enrolled in a drug free work program, which has random drug and alcohol tests. Be able to accurately and safely maneuver his truck to get it as close as possible to the front door of the residence to avoid long carry of goods or shuttle.


Movers are generally involved in moving customer's very personal and even sensitive items. A "good mover" will not pry, will not ask insensitive questions that are irrelevant to the moving job. Mover must do the job without making customer feel unreasonably uncomfortable. Allow customers handle personal items, such as albums and other personal belongings themselves, unless the customer asks for help.


After the move is complete a "good mover" will do the following:

  • make sure that all of the used moving materials are removed;
  • will go over the delivered shipment with customer to make sure there are no move related damages;
  • will show customer the truck to make sure that everything was offloaded and nothing was left back in truck;
  • will ask customer if there is anything else that movers can do before leaving the customer in a new place;
  • and will NEVER ask for tip, but will graciously leave or accept any tip you give.