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FAQs (2 pages)

Electronics and Computer Preparation

We all cannot imagine our lives without them.

            Home Office                                                           Home Stereo Equipment

Electronics Office1 stereos3
That’s why packing to move electronics, such as TV’s, stereos and your home office equipment; personal computers or server requires special consideration. Having professionals pack those items is worth the extra cost; however there is a way to successfully accomplish it on your own. This however requires a lot of patience and concentration.

Just follow our instructions described below.

One of the most important tasks when packing electronics is to properly label the plugs and wires to ensure you can set-up the equipment when you get to your new home.

Here are the important steps:

1. Use the manufactures' guide or user's guide as a reference for moving instructions. If you have misplaced your user's guide, visit the manufacturer's website for an online version it.

2. Remove all parts out of your electronic equipment, such as a toner or ink cartridge, remove it and store it in a seal-able bag. Pack the bag in the same box with the piece of equipment that it was removed from. Also remove all CD's, DVD's, VHS tapes or other media from equipment. Pack media separately and carefully to prevent damage.

Computer Memory_devices_5

3. Copy all your computer files on a flash drive, also known as a jump drive, or portable drive. Flash drives range in storage sizes. If you have a lot of graphic intensive files, you may need a few flash drives to copy and store your files.

 Box dishpack4. If you have the original packaging, use that to pack the equipment. If you don't, purchase electronic specialty boxes from a moving company or directly from the manufacturer. Manufacturers often provide you with a "return kit" at no or little cost. If specialty boxes or return kits are not available, use a double-carton box slightly larger than the piece of equipment you're moving, movers often use dishpack boxes to pack smaller electronics.

colorcode labels

5. Purchase colored labels large enough to write on but small enough to secure to equipment connection ports. Colored, round sticky circles are the labels of choice.

6. Prior to disconnecting any wires or plugs, mark the wire or cable and the port you're removing it from with the colored labels. Color-code the ports and cables so that you can reconnect them later. If you don’t have enough of different colors, you can simply write a number on the label that will match the port and the cable.

7. For extra protection, write down detailed instructions on how you've dismantled the equipment so you can use it later when re-assembling it. Keep this instruction guide in the same box with the equipment.

8. Once you have the wires and cables disconnected, use twist ties to carefully secure the cables so they don't unravel. Place the cables and wires into a seal-able bag and tape it to the piece of equipment or place it in the same box.

9. When packing electronics, you must use anti-static packing bubbles or popcorn. Never use materials that will conduct electricity. This could damage your electronics during transportation.

10. Remove all parts that can be disconnected. Wrap each piece separately in anti-static bubble wrap and secure ends with tape.

11. Use a thick layer of anti-static packing popcorn or bubble wrap to line the bottom and the sides of the box.

12. Place the largest piece of equipment on the bottom. Fill holes with anti-static packing material. Place smaller protected items on top.

13. Fill all remaining spaces with anti-static packing material. Make sure nothing rattles or will shift during the move.

14. Seal the box with packing tape and mark it "Fragile" and indicate which end is up. Indicate the contents and which room it belongs in.

15. Warning: CD's and software cannot tolerate high temperatures. If you have sensitive media, you may want to carry it with you as opposed to moving it on the truck. Speak to your movers about this issue before you ship it.

16. And finally, get adequate insurance to protect your valuables. Check your home owners policy to see if they insure moves, in case it doesn't - check with your mover regarding their valuation protection options. Movers offer a few different packages, make sure to be prepared for the worse case, as accidents happen even to movers with excellent reputation.

Packing Materials and Items You Will Need

• Manufacturer's Guide (helpful, but not necessary)

• Original Box or Return Kit ; or

• Double-walled Box

• Anti-static Packing Popcorn or Bubbles

• Packing Paper

• Small Color-coded Labels

• Marker

• Packing Tape

• Twist Ties

• Anti-Static Reseal-able Bags 


TV Box



      Box dishpack

           Anti Static Bag

        Anti-Static Bubble_Bag   


Packing Paper

              pack kit_1.3_paper

Packing Tape

   pack kit_1.4_clam_tape_400_2


  pack kit_1.5_marker_1_3

    Packing Peanuts

    Anti-Static Peanuts

 Anti-Static Packing Foam

    Anti Static_foam_1-8e

      Anti-Static Bubble

   AntiStatic Bubble

  Anti-Static Zip Bag

Anti-Static Zipbag