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Contact Us


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monday thru Friday: 8 AM – 7 PM

Saturday: 8 AM – 6 PM

Sunday:   9 AM – 5 PM

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Commercial Moves

ABC Moorpark Movers specialize in commercial moving. We are bonded and insured to transport your business in California and out state. We have everything you need to maintain the efficiency of your business, to help you improve your opportunities for your business development and to avoid useless loss of time. ABC Moorpark Movers provide a wide range of commercial moving services that include moving of office furniture, manufacturing equipment and production equipment, business units and moving of anything you ask us to. ABC Moreover Movers have necessary equipment and tools (FAQ.27) that can ensure efficient commercial moving process. We are able to handle moving absolutely anything. Call us and set up time for our specialist to come to your facility, review the project and provide you with an accurate estimate (FAQ.8) of time lines and cost of the relocation.

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ABC Moorpark Movers employees and our equipment is everything your business needs to get fast and high-quality service!

Our movers have an impeccable reputation in commercial relocation and is well equipped to handle any type of commercial move local and long distance. We know that your move is unique to your business only. Once we assess what your business moves requires, it will makes our job easier.

ABC Moorpark Movers commercial unit specialists not only give you a competitive bid for your commercial move, but they also help you and your facilities department prepare, plan and move it yourselves.

Given our low overhead rates and impeccable quality rating, we will improve your bottom line by performing your relocation work.

Our company assigns a specialist who will be working with your business. Our specialist will be available to come to your business and meet directly with your employees to instruct them how to prepare your employees to pack themselves.We can provide necessary materials at wholesale cost. Most business customers prefer us to pack the entire business thereby keeping employees on their work places. Some other businesses employees want to pack only their own personal desks or work stations. Businesses that are downsizing may want their employees do all the packing including packing their warehouses, libraries, file rooms, etc. If you decide to have your employees do the packing for some or all of your move our company can deliver the boxes and packing materials required for move. Our commercial specialist will provide you with the information necessary to decide which route is safest for your business and best for your budget.

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Our movers will help our customers stay organized even while in transit. Before the move, ABC Moorpark Movers will work with you or your manager on the floor plans of your old and new facilities. Working together we will assign special names to different designated areas of your new facilities. Our movers will use those floor plans as a guide for the move. Color coded labels for boxes, desks, chairs, equipment and whatever else needs to be placed in a proper place.

Our main goals is to assign the right amount of movers and trucks to make sure that your time lines are met and your business is operational when you expect it.

ABC Moorpark Movers have different size trucks for different size moves. We have necessary equipment to handle relocation of not only desks, chairs, and boxes, but also your business machinery and equipment.

Office and manufacturing moves are very common business in Southern California market.

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These tools and equipment include:

  • Appliance dollies
  • Hand trucks,
  • 4 wheel dollies,
  • Straps,
  • Crates - plastic and wooden,
  • Pallet jacks,
  • "J" Bar,
  • Hoisting mechanisms,
  • Cranes,
  • Fork lift,
  • Flat bed trucks.