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FAQs (2 pages)


About Moorpark Movers

ABC Moorpark Movers are fully bonded and insured. Our goal is to keep attention to detail. They make sure customer satisfaction is number one priority.

Here at ABC Moorpark Movers we separate ourselves from our competition by providing our customers with lowest rates, while providing five star services. From very beginning when customer is making a reservation until the last box is unloaded and unpacked our professional movers and office staff is at your disposal. We keep free lines of communication regardless of how late at night or the day of the week. Our drivers are assisting customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. We take no holiday vacations if our customer needs prompt attention and immediate relocation.

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Please call us NOW! We are ready to give you a FREE estimate, using state of the art software to get you lowest rates and proper estimation of the size of your move.

ABC Moorpark Movers provides our residential and commercial customers following services:truck

  • Providing quick & accurate quote (FAQ.8),
  • Packing & Unpacking,
  • Protecting furniture and other belongings,
  • Crating large, bulky articles (wooden or carton crates),
  • Disconnecting & Reconnecting Electronics and Appliances (FAQ.9),
  • Dis-assembly & Reassembly of furniture,
  • Inventory (FAQ.12) of all items, assigning each a separate sticker,
  • Loading & Unloading,
  • Extra stops: pickups & deliveries,
  • Storage in Transit (SIT) (FAQ.25 page 2),
  • Shuttle Service (FAQ.13) (in case large truck can't get to location),
  • Hoisting (FAQ.14),
  • Car, boat transportation (we can refer to a qualified company).


ABC Moorpar Movers have the "know how", they know all ins and outs of the moving process. They possess the necessary set of skills to competently pack, ship and unload your most prized possessions. Let them be at your service because you need to concentrate on taking inventory of your property in order to assess what can be discarded and what cannot be left behind. Choosing professional movers for your local or long distance moves are the safe, sane and in the long run, the most economical choice.

Contradicting the common knowledge that it is cheaper to move by your self. You must take to consideration the cost of truck rental, personal time - labor, moving and packing materials, fuel, possible uninsured damages (due to inexperience of persons moving your valuable items). Especially, safety of fragile and expansive items that may require extra protection and experienced handling. Such items as:

pack stretch-20

  • electronics (Plasma, LCD or LED large screen TVs),
  • appliances (refrigerators, washer & dryers, etc.),
  • glass furniture,
  • antiques,
  • musical instruments (organs, pianos, etc.),
  • china,
  • crystal,
  • mirrors and glass,
  • large couches,
  • other fragile or large hard to handle items.


Box Picture-Mirror_Products boxes-70 TV_box packing pictures
Prepping split1 Piano2 Gun Safe_on_pallet

ABC Moorpark Movers provide services that allow you to take care of your usual duties not being distracted by tedium of moving, as the moving duties are now handled by our company professionals.